Williams Route 66. Arizona


30/06/2013. Williams. Route 66 west. Arizona
Set off from Phoenix at 9.45am for leisurely drive to Williams. The first white car is the ford focus we rented and the background is the motel we stayed in..typical of affordable accommodation in the area.
It was 107f and by the time we stopped at Montezuma Castle at 11.45 it was 112f. The Arizona landscape was very dry covered in cacti and bits of shrubs..but the further north we went this changed to just scrub land and finally trees and dried grass. And you could see scattered small holdings of farmers and larger ranch holders with horses and stables.
At Montezuma’s castle were the remains of the Sinagua settlers and culture. People who lived as hunters and gathers occupying the Verde Valley 700 years ago. Their homes were built into the hillside in the rock. They abandoned their settlements in early 1400s, but on one knows why.

As we carried on our drive the temps started to go down..thankfully! Until they reached late 80s
We arrived at Williams at 4pm. Our hotel is situated on the outskirts of Route 66 but about 5 mins walk to the centre of Williams. It’s a delightful town with all shops and restaurants (of which there are many good choices) and all with the theme Route 66. But very authentic. And the people are very friendly… See the picture of one of the shop assistants in her 50s dress. Great place to browse and shop..just my occupation for a couple of hours whilst I,left Martin having a siesta!
We later went to have a meal at barbecue/grill restaurant complete with blues singer..who sang off and on for 6 hours!
Tomorrow we are driving to the Grand Canyon.







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  1. Sounds like Grange over Sands with the Edwardian Festival good to see that towns are thriving along the route. Good choice. Dave

  2. No it’s a really nice place for a visit. Better than Flagstaff which is just like any large American town you drive thru with huge advertising billboards on either side and motels and fast food places one after an other. Williams is nearer to the Grand Canyon by 20 miles too. It’s a town with lots of atmosphere and nostalgia for the past but not tacky.

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